whole (hōl) adj. 1. pertaining to all aspects of human nature, esp. one's physical, intellectual, and spiritual development 2. entire or complete in itself. –n. 3. highest or fullest state. 4. harmonious, sound, untroubled.


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Life Story Questions

In this section, you'll find examples of popular life story questions. You can use these examples to guide your own life history projects. If you are interviewing a friend or relative, these questions may give you some ideas about what to ask them. If you are writing your own life story, you might use these questions to guide your writing.

They are not meant to represent the "right" questions. Nor are they meant to be the only questions you can or should ask. But they will give you an idea of the range of questions you can include and how simple it can be to create questions of your own. Keep in mind that these examples are quite basic. You can feel free to use them as they are listed or rewrite them to suit your personal needs and goals. For instance, you may want to include more specific questions, or add detailed subquestions. I hope they will inspire you to get started with your life story project!


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